Our Circular Initiatives

All Coyuchi products begin with 100% organic fibers and a traceable supply chain. 2nd Home Renewed™ products are Coyuchi linens that have been returned to us through our 2nd Home Take Back™ program. Our partners at the Renewal Workshop take great care to clean these items, check for flaws, and repair them to be as good as new. If the material is too damaged to be used again, it is aggregated for recycling.

Total Impact

2nd Home Renewed™ means that your comfort never comes at the expense of our first home—the Earth.

Coyuchi has taken back 43,854 lbs of fabric since 2017. 83% of the product we’ve received from our customers can be mended, cleaned, and resold to its new home, 2nd Home Renewed™. 

See how we've saved the planet to-date by renewing vs making a new product:

44k lbs of textile waste diverted from landfills

6k light bulbs/year of energy saved

5k gallons of gas of carbon emission prevented

26 olympic swimming pools worth of water saved

69K lbs of toxic chemicals prevented from being used

"Coyuchi is proud to be the first home brand to achieve circularity, and the expansion of 2nd Home to ecommerce represents the next step for us in home textiles innovation. By widening the audience for our renewed products, Coyuchi aims to expand the reach of our circular initiatives and ultimately reduce our environmental impact.”

-Eileen Mockus, CEO & President

How Renewed Works

As Coyuchi’s renewal partner, The Renewal Workshop puts each product through a six-stage certification process to ensure it meets the like-new quality standards to be resold.