Every year, the US generates 21 billion pounds of post consumer textile waste.

Our Solution: Circular Textiles

Our first-of-its-kind renewing and recycling program is not just simple for you, it’s easy on the Earth. We begin with 100% organic fibers and a traceable supply chain, so finding a 2nd Home™ for your used Coyuchi linens is sustainable and stress-free.

2nd Home Take Back™

The Coyuchi 2nd Home Take Back program will recycle + renew your old Coyuchi linens. Just send them back via a pre-paid shipping label for 15% off your next order—and the peace of mind that your linens won’t end up in a landfill.

*Please note the Take Back program is only available at coyuchi.com

Total Impact Through 2nd Home™

Coyuchi has taken back 43,854 lbs of fabric since 2017. 83% of the product we’ve received from our customers can be mended, cleaned, and resold to its new home, 2nd Home Renewed. See how we've saved the planet to-date by renewing vs making a new product:

44k lbs of textile waste diverted from landfills

6k light bulbs/year of energy saved

5k gallons of gas of carbon emission prevented

26 olympic swimming pools worth of water saved

69k lbs of toxic chemicals prevented from being used

2nd Home Renewed™

2nd Home Renewed products are Coyuchi linens that have been returned to us through our 2nd Home Take Back™ program. Our partners at the Renewal Workshop take great care to clean these items, check for flaws, and repair them to be as good as new.

Recycled Products

A small percent of product that comes back through the 2nd Home Take Back™ program cannot be renewed. We are excited to announce that this year, we've created our first ever fully circular product. The Full Circle Recycled Cotton Blanket is crafted from 52% of our very own recycled Coyuchi cotton received through our 2nd Home Take Back™ program, and 48% organically grown material. Circularity like this keeps cotton where it belongs, in the loop and out of landfills.